Save the Zambezi Projects



"We aim to provide the boats, outboard motors, human resources and other equipment necessary for effective and regular river patrols in partnership with the Fisheries Department."


Save The Zambezi Foundation is looking to raise funding through different means such as online & social media sites and various fundraising charity events. We are extremely excited to start off being selected as the beneficiary charity organization for the Livingstone Sports Festival 2019 held on the Zambezi River in Livingstone, Zambia, and hope to repeat this on an annual basis. With these funds we will buy the aluminium boats and motors that can withstand all the elements expected on the Zambezi River and donate them to The Zambian Department of FisheriesSave The Zambezi Foundation have partnered with Zambezi Marine that are agents of Stabicraft Boats. Incredibly bouyant and rugged. Perfect for the use of pulling up Illegal nets off the bottom of the river. These boats will be propelled by Honda fourstroke outboard engines, very fuel efficient with low oil and fuel emmissions. Honda has taken noise pollution to heart and have made their engines incredibly quiet. Save The Zambezi Foundation have chosen these two products to donate to the Department of Fisheries. When paired they make the perfect vessel to do the necessary patrols. Other Equipment needed to do these patrols such as bouyancy aids and grappling hooks will be donated through similar means.

We are currently looking for sponsors to donate food rations for the Department of Fisheries staff that will be doing the daily patrols. It has been agreed by other partners of Save The Zambezi Foundation such as tourism lodges along the river that their river guides with expertise on the river sections in which they operate, will provide lessons on boat driving and obsticle that need avoiding so that the fisheries staff operating the donated vessels will all pass the Inland Waterway and Maritime Certificates needed to operate water craft legally.


"With the support of the Department of Fisheries, we will pilot the establishment of “No Netting Zones” at intervals along the Zambezi River with the aim of supporting the natural rehabilitation and stock recovery of endemic Zambezi fish species."


This can be a touchy subject. Creating areas that cannot be netted by local fishermen that have been fished for centuries can lead to disgruntled communities. To alleviate this from happening we aim to put together a couple of strategies.  Approaching local village headmen, lodges and residents along the Zambezi River to choose, co-ordinate and monitor areas with Save The Zambezi Foundation and the Department of Fisheries. Signing petitions with the communities in these areas is important to keep all involved and dependent on the river satisfied with the understanding of the positive outcome of the rehabilitation of the fish stocks in these areas. This will improve fishing grounds surrounding these “No Netting Zones” and further improve the livelihood of the communities in the surrounding areas.



"Support for the many rural communities living along the banks of the Zambezi River through targeted ecological education campaigns (for school children and wider community engagement) as well as practical training in sustainable fishing practices for families who rely on subsistence fishing."


Save The Zambezi Foundation believes in supporting the many rural communities living along the banks of the Zambezi. We DO NOT want to stop netting, we want to help stop illegal netting and through targeted ecological education campaigns we believe we can help make this happen. There are several reasons for communities that rely on subsistence fishing to use illegal practices. One of them being a lack of knowledge on the constituted fishing laws designed by The Zambian Department of Fisheries. With the necessary infrastructure and logistics Save The Zambezi Foundation plans on sending trained teams into these rural areas, to teach through school and community engagement, the different laws and sustainable practices in which to fish. How not to over exploit the natural resources that provides their communities with the needed source of protein and leave stocks for future generations.



"Communities will also be supported to develop alternative and sustainable income-generating enterprises to further relieve the pressure on the local natural resources (including wild fish stock, as well as the surrounding forest and local wildlife)."


Alongside our educational program Save The Zambezi Foundation plans to support communities to develop alternative and sustainable income generating projects such as aquaponics, fish, pig and chicken farming. Inviting farming partners to hold educational clinics. Once again, through online fundraising platforms, approaching corporate farming institutions and companies, Save The Zambezi Foundation can assist these communities help start up activities that will help relieve pressure not only on wild fish stocks but surrounding forest and local wildlife concentrations.



"Alongside all our practical action projects, we will also endeavor to collaborate with students and experts from Zambia and overseas to undertake research into all aspects of our work."


Inviting foreign experts in all the fields that Save The Zambezi Foundation supports is as important to the communities as it is to The Zambian Department of Fisheries. Having university students travelling to Zambia to teach, research and complete doctorates in the different fields from effected fish and riverine wildlife stocks, possible restocking of the Zambezi River with farmed fish through the correct methods, the study of endemic species and to the affiliated community projects. All of these can be advertised by Save The Zambezi Foundation through online platforms and through affiliate connections.