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Protect Fish and Wildlife from Illegal Netting on the Zambezi River.

Save The Zambezi Foundation is registered as a non-profit organization, working to give the much needed support to the Zambian Fisheries Department with the endeavor to help stop illegal netting on the Zambezi River in the Southern and Western Province of Zambia. The foundation will be raising funds through different platforms, be it through online donations to fundraising forums to buy and donate Boats, outboard motors and other equipment that the Department of Fisheries seriously lacks to do the necessary patrols to control illegal fishing practices. Of which these illegal netting practices are causing what has been labeled an Ecological Disaster with the decimation of fish stocks in the Zambezi River.



Save The Zambezi Foundation (STZF) is a non-profit Environmental, Conservation and Wildlife Organization registered by The Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA) under The Companies Act, 2017 (Act No. 10 of 2017) From 18th July 2019. Falling under the Conservation, Environment and Animal Welfare, Tenth schedule No.7.  (STZF) is registered with the Taxpayer Identification Number 1019437938 under the Zambian Revenue Authority. (STZF) Is governed by a Board of Directors supporting The Zambian Fisheries Department.


Tel: +260 977 431239

Email: savethezambezi@gmail.com

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